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Cosmetic Treatments

Our clinically demonstrated restorative medications will help you to look and feel awesome without the requirement for surgery!


Over a six month time frame we will totally change you. We will guarantee every last territory you may not be completely alright with is focused on and left looking energetic. Regardless of whether it is lose skin, overabundance fat or stained teeth this bundle incorporates it all. Our advisors will set aside opportunity to see the greater part of your needs and set up together a bundle custom fitted to you.

Love handles/flanks

We can help evacuate those stomach cushions for good, by either solidifying them (Cryolipolysis) or by utilizing ultrasound vitality (Cavitation) subordinate upon the objective range and the people body sort. Our experts will prompt you on the best method amid the consultation.

Muffin tops

Wear your most loved match of pants again and say bye to biscuit tops. Give your Muffin top one final look before we solidify it (Cryolipolysis) or utilize Ultrasound innovation (cavitation) to expel it until the end of time. Our expert will exhort on the best method amid the consultation.

Bingo wings

Wouldn’t you simply love to have thin conditioned arms? Well we can make that conceivable by solidifying or utilizing ultrasound innovation to decrease the fat in these particular zones. You won’t just look extraordinary yet you will feel incredible as well. Come in for an interview and enable our advisors to exhort you.

Rear arms

With your back arm (triceps area) representing 2/3 of your whole arm, a conditioned look has a gigantic effect. We can make this conceivable with the utilization of ultrasound innovation or solidifying the fat away. You should simply book a counsel today and a prepared specialist will exhort you on what is appropriate for you.

Upper and lower abdomen

Stubborn fat around the midriff zone is a hereditary weight for a ton of us. With no activity or adhering to a good diet enable us to give you the ideal stomach area to look great in those fitted garments. This is made conceivable through fat solidifying, ultrasound and laser lipolysis however come in and see us for a full discussion and will let you know precisely what you need.

Lower and upper back

Excess fat around the back can be a genuine certainty spoiler, particularly as it is a standout amongst the most troublesome regions to target when working out. iSculpting Clinic has the arrangement, by solidifying the fat away or by utilizing ultrasound innovation you also can have the ideal back. Our specialists will exhort you on the best strategy amid the consultation.

Inner thighs/ Outer thighs

We comprehend that the thighs can be a genuine troublesome zone, particularly when acquiring pants which fit. With the utilization of ultrasound innovation and fat solidifying we can ensure you get the ideal legs in the blink of an eye. Everything begins with a full conference, so come in and enable our specialists to prompt you on the best procedure.

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With such a significant number of corrective surgeries on the butt cheek region turning out badly every year it is nothing unexpected individuals are arranging for a non-intrusive approach. Without the utilization of surgery we can give you the ideal behind. Our experts will exhort you on which strategy is best concerning fat solidifying (Cryolipolysis), ultrasound innovation (Cavitation) and radio recurrence (RF).

Bra/back rolls

Ladies we see how awkward it must be to have abundance fat stuck under your bra. Treat yourself to a corrective treatment today and free that fat with the utilization of radio recurrence (RF), ultrasound innovation (Cavitation) and fat stop (Cryolipolysis). In only one session you will be left feeling extraordinary. Our experts will prompt you on the best technique amid the consultation.

Post pregnancy correction

It is no mystery having an infant pummels the skin, regularly abandoning it free and droopy. Well no more, with the utilization of our radio recurrence corrective medications we can fix the skin and abandon it looking restored. Our specialists will talk you through the treatment amid the consultation.

Skin Toning

As we age our skin loses its lively, young look. The impacts of maturing possibly inescapable however we can enable back it to off with the utilization of radio recurrence. Despite where your lose skin might be, come in and see us for a full discussion, since we can help.

Non Surgical Tummy Tuck

A smooth and conditioned belly is something a significant number of us attempt to get, in spite of the fact that practicing and adhering to a good diet is never enough. With the utilization of fat solidifying, and Ultra sound innovation facility can effectively expel that undesirable fat. Come in and address on of our advisors today.

Cosmetic Treatments

iSculpting Clinic is the No.1 office for non-intrusive restorative medicines. Book a free consaltation now to see which medications are appropriate for you.


Compare the before and after to know the benfits of Cryolipolisis.


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iSculpting offers a range of non surgical cosmetic solutions including laser lipo, Cryolipolisis (fat freezing ) and Radio Frequency.


Cryolipolisis (Fat Freezing)

A non-invasive painless alternative to liposuction, Cryolipolysis is a treatment that involves the localised application of a low temperature device to kill off stubborn fat cells.

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Radio Frequency

Cavitation is the utilization of ultrasonic frequencies that enter fat cells and make them implode before leaving the body.

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Laser Lipolysis

is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat. This is a different process than liposuction…

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